If you're looking for bottle labels, you've come to the right place. Here at Label Llama, we sell lots of products and bottle labels are one of our more popular ones. Take a seat and allow me to introduce you to the best custom labels or stickers you can imagine. Our company offers online ordering at wholesale prices that are perfect for anyone looking for customized beer labels. Whether you created your beer, want to package beer in a new way, are just starting in the beer and wine business, or have been producing beer for a long time, we want to make labels for your brand.

About us

Label Llama was founded in 1989 and has continued to produce high-quality stickers and labels with great customer service ever since. We have a straightforward process that will let you order great, custom stickers or labels at cheap prices. We can boast a record turn-around time and free shipping on all orders. Trust us, anything you want labels for, including beer, is no problem.

Just like your beer and wine business, we take our craft seriously. We want to help every customer get labels they need for whatever they need it for, whenever they need it for. Product labels? No problem. Bumper stickers? Dont worry! Beer bottles? Chill, we got it! We have you covered, and our products are always made from premium vinyl.

How does it work?

99 bottles of beer.png

This part is so easy, we probably didn't need to have a whole section explaining it! First, you choose between a sticker or label, in this case, your beer label. Next, you can upload your custom design. This is where things get fun! You can design anything to have printed onto your labels-- just upload it and it appears on the labels! Then we will proof your work, just to make sure everything comes out clean, polished and just how you want it on your labels. If we find anything that could be a mistake, we let you know right away! This is a quick process from checkout to proof approval. Speaking of quick processes, the next step is 100% on us. We will produce your stickers or labels in record time. Our turnaround time for every product is just four days, so while we don't recommend you put off ordering, you could with no issues. Finally, we will have it shipped to you. We provide free two-day shipping that will get the product to you in no time. After that, it's all up to you! If you're printing beer labels, we would assume your next step is to put them on your craft beer bottles, but thats up to you. Use your new labels for whatever you please!

Also, be on the lookout for a new sale! We like to give gifts for a new sale price to a customer when they least expect it, so keep your eyes peeled! This could apply to labels or any of the other great products in our store!

The Custom Aspect

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Designing labels is the most exciting part. The custom aspect is all up to you! Of course, we can provide some inspiration for your labels. A buyer can look at tons of products, including labels, on our website. Or, they can look at inspiration around the internet for ideas about what to put on their labels. It doesn't matter to us! We'll be here when you get back. Go have fun!

Other things on the labels can be personalized as well. For instance, the size of the set of labels in inches can be chosen by the customer. The size of the labels can range from one to eight inches.

Sticker versus Label

These are pretty similar. Both stickers and labels can be similarly attached to the bottle. Typically the difference between stickers and labels is in the branding. Stickers are usually seen as personal expression while labels are seen as brand expression. For that reason, labels are typically used on the bottle to make the business seem more relevant and professional. This goes for all brands, both large and small. Everyone is using labels! That being said, since they both attach to the bottle with the same premium adhesive and give the bottle a similar look, feel free to choose between stickers and labels. We offer both!

The Various Uses

Although a beer label usually has one specific purpose - even though these beer labels can be used on wine bottles as well... but that's beside the point - that doesn't mean the beer only has one specific purpose. Custom beer with cool labels can be used for meaningful birthday gifts, or gifts for another time of the year. They can be given as a set or individually. What an alternative to 'Merry Christmas' cards! These beer labels can be personalized, and the beer or wine can be sent with cards or brought to a party. Imagine receiving a beer for your birthday present, only to turn it around and see your friends all sitting around a cake and smiling back at you from the bottle. They make awesome gifts!

Our Quick Turnaround Process

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We work hard, really hard to be the best in the business. We were created in 1989 to be the best in the stickers and labels business, and to provide the best customer service possible. In order to do that, we thought a new and speedy turn-around and shipping process for your labels was necessary. So, we made our new turnaround and shipping times as fast as possible by going online with our sales and operating 24-7. We want as little wait on those beer labels as possible! As soon as we can get your product out of our door and into yours, we will, because that's what being the best in the label printing business is all about.


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Does the free two-day shipping cover Alaska and Hawaii?

Yes, the free shipping on labels covers all 50 states, one of our gifts to our amazing customers.

How do you package custom labels?

We carefully package all products, including our custom labels, so that when they arrive they are in perfect condition. If they aren't, please contact us so we can make things right!

What file formats do you accept?

JPG and PDF are accepted on all types of products. Label Llama also accepts Adobe Illustrator Files.

What if my art is low-quality or low resolution?

These images will typically yield worse labels. We will try to warn you in the case that artwork is poor quality, to avoid poor labels! We work hard and we know you do too, so we want your labels to turn out as well as your beer or wine does.


So, are you convinced now? We really are one of the best in the business. Order today, and get the shipment of your product done in just a few short days.

Stickers  in their simplest form and shape  have been used for advertising since the 1800s. Over time, these cost-effective promotional

Tools have become more sophisticated. Now businesses, organizations, and individual entities can raise awareness about their brands more creatively by ordering and customizing die cut stickers and kiss cut stickers. But, whats the difference between the two?

Though they may look similar, theres one essential difference between these stickers. A die cut or a full cut sticker  as its name implies  has its paper backing cut to the shape of the printed sticker design. On the other hand, a kiss cut or a half-cut sticker isnt cut to the shape of the design; it has a typically square backing bigger than what's printed.

sheet of custom cut stickers.png

When Are They Ideal To Use

creative work.png

Die cut stickers are generally more popular and preferred because of their sleek presentation. Even before putting them up, they are already a stand-out and aesthetically pleasing.

As they are cut to the shape of the sticker, they also offer wide-ranging possibilities when it comes to designing and delivering the message of your brand. If youre promoting a logo or a design with an appealing shape, you can punctuate it and easily grab peoples attention by availing a die cut sticker option.

Nonetheless, if you are aiming to provide more details or information on your stickers (for instance, your website or your contact information), kiss cut stickers are more ideal, thanks to extra space provided by the uncut paper backing.

These stickers are also suitable giveaway items during events and fairs targeting new customers and clients. Apart from the space for added details, they also remain intact during distribution. They are also more convenient to peel and apply on any desired surface.

What Are Their Similarities

table full.png

Though they have differences and their respective advantages, die cut stickers and kiss cut stickers also share some similarities.

They can both be finished with a UV lamination to help prolong their life. Available in glossy or matte finish, this UV laminate makes them more resistant to fading and enhances their outdoor durability.

They can also both be printed on full color, and be requested to come with rounded corners for easy peeling and application.

Whether youre ordering a kiss cut or a die cut sticker, whats important is to communicate your design and other preferences well with your trusted supplier.

social distancing stickers and signs.png

Stickers and signs are one of the easiest ways to remind people about important things that they should remember. At these crucial times, social distancing is something that we ought to always take into account. If you want to make sure everyone in your businesss vicinity, signage is the best way to go and here are some reasons why you need it.

Why Signage Matters
occupancy restriction sign.png

Even if you tell someone what to do over and over again, people are bound to forget. Something as simple as window signage can easily enlighten someone about what they have to do. In these difficult times, we need to stay at least 6 feet away from another person to take care of our health. Getting custom social distancing stickers can be an easy yet effective way to keep all your customers safe without feeling like you are nagging them.

While people like employees ought to be mindful and remind people to stay at least 6 feet apart, we cannot expect our employees to have their eyes all over the place at one time. By having straightforward signage to remind your customers to keep a distance, you will have more peace of mind knowing that people will be more aware to stay apart and safe.

Kinds of Custom Stickers

You do not have to worry about getting a sign that will cramp your style. Label Llama can create the exact type of signage that you need to match your businesss style in tons of shapes like square, oval, die cut, and more. You can get unique custom social distancing stickers that will catch your customers eyes and remind them to stay 6 feet apart. There is a good variety of custom stickers you can choose from. Some of the choices include the following:

* Die Cut Stickers

* Circle Stickers

* Rectangle Stickers

* Square Stickers

* Oval Stickers

* Kiss Cut Stickers

* Rounded Corner Stickers

These stickers can be customized to fit your needs. They are vinyl stickers and practically look amazing on any surface. This is aside from the fact that they are durable, colorful, and well-designed. Label Llama also offers great deals so it won't burn a hole in your pocket.

When picking the kind of custom stickers you need for your business, take into consideration the design of your store, the voice of your brand, and the amount of space where they will be posted.

Remember, the stickers should be easily visible and readable so your customers would know what they are for. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, these stickers can help your staff and customers stay safe while conducting business as usual. These stickers should help improve the customer experience while keeping in mind the basic health precautions everyone should be aware of.

Of course, aside from stickers, you can also get face masks, banners, and custom decals to help you and your customers stay safe.

How Can I Get These Stickers?

A fantastic part about getting these social distancing stickers is that you can get them while you distance yourself! You can easily order custom stickers by heading to the website login page and uploading your design. Once you upload it, you will get an email that your proof is prepared. You can go online to approve the proof and the stickers will be sent to production.


You do not have to wait for weeks on end for your custom signage either. Label Llama has a 4-day turnaround time, so you can expect your quality stickers to arrive in just a few days. That way, you can display them immediately to keep everyone in your business safe.

Depending on how much you are getting, you can rush your order. Orders that are up to $750 can get rush production and shipping.

If your order is up to $2,500, Label Llama offers free 2-day shipping. You can get free ground shipping if your order is more than $2,500. However, you can select rush shipping for quicker delivery at checkout.

It is important that we stay proactive and remind people that keeping their distance from each other is an important step to staying safe and healthy. By adding signage with banners, stickers, and labels and more from Label Llama, you are stylishly and effectively keeping people safe with friendly reminders.

We are processing your artwork, it can take a few minutes. Please do not close the window during the processing.