Five Creative Ideas for Using Christmas Stickers in Your Business


Christmas is a time for celebration and giving. It's also an ideal opportunity to boost your business with stickers. Custom stickers are a fun way to spread the Christmas cheer - whether you're decorating packages or adding them as a fun gift with purchase - they’re a surefire way to make your brand stand out and increase online sales during the holiday season!

Here are some ideas for using Christmas stickers for your business :

1. Custom Stickers as a Gift with Purchase

Create custom festive-themed stickers to include as a gift with every purchase. Custom stickers are a fun, unique gift that your customers will love - people will remember that cool sticker they received with their purchase, which may lead them back for more business in the future.

Custom stickers can also be used as a promotional tool for your business. For example, you could offer custom sticker packs to customers who complete an order over a certain amount or spend within a set time frame. Custom giveaways and incentives like this can be well-received - especially by online shoppers.

2. Custom Stickers as Holiday Packaging

Custom stickers are an inexpensive yet effective way to pep up plain packages, and there’s no better time to use them than the holidays. Customize plain shipping boxes by adding stickers to the outside with a festive design and your business name and logo - it's a nice touch for your customer when they receive their purchases from you while serving as a great promotional tool.

3. Holiday-Themed Product Labels

Custom stickers make it easy and fun for retailers and business owners to get creative with their product labeling strategies at this time of year. For example, you can use them to label your business’s gingerbread-flavored coffee for the winter season, pop them on your holiday-scented candles, or decorate your bath and body products. Custom Christmas stickers allow retailers to showcase some of their favorite seasonal items without having to change out their product labels.

4. Waterproof Custom Stickers

Stickers are a fantastic way to advertise your business - since you can place them almost anywhere. However, stickers can face a lot of wear and tear - especially when they’re placed outside and exposed to the elements.

If you’re looking for an advertising strategy that lasts throughout the holidays whatever the weather, consider waterproof stickers. Custom vinyl waterproof stickers are just the thing for outdoor applications - as well as for adorning products that get a lot of use, like laptops and water bottles, as they’re durable and long-lasting - unlike paper stickers.

5. Custom Stickers for Retail Window Displays

Another way to use stickers is by utilizing them in your store’s window displays. Custom stickers are perfect for adorning store windows since they’re eye-catching and super easy to apply.

Holiday-themed stickers make fantastic attention grabbers for retail windows - a great way to engage customers passing by your store. Perfect for adding that bit of extra festive magic - you can combine creative designs with brand-specific messaging and even highlight special offers and discounts on particular products.


Whether you're selling goods online, at a retail location, or both, stickers can be a creative marketing strategy to generate sales and increase brand exposure. When it comes to the winter season, you can customize the designs to use festive messaging, images of snowflakes or Christmas trees, and maybe even Santa Claus himself.

Use these five ideas as inspiration for what else can be done with stickers and let us know in the comments what you come up with!

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