5 Top Tips for Designing Stickers Kids Will Love


Are you a parent looking for some fun stickers for your kids? Or are you a business owner who sells custom stickers and wants to create designs that appeal to the younger generation?

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Kids love stickers - there's no doubt. They love trading them out with their friends and take great delight in sticking them to everything - from their lockers, notebooks, and school supplies, to the walls, windows, and mirrors in their bedrooms. Custom stickers also make good gifts for kids of all ages - from toddlers to teenagers. From fun incentives to party favors!

While the appeal is obvious, designing custom stickers for kids poses some unique challenges. Thankfully though, there are some principles you can follow to make the process a much easier one.

To make sure your stickers are a success, here are our top five tips on designing custom stickers that kids will love:

1. Narrow Your Target Audience & Determine Their Interests

The first step in designing stickers for kids is to narrow down your target market. You can do this by age, gender, and interests - as well as by the specific activities your stickers are intended for.

For example, if you are designing stickers for school children, the design needs to appeal to the target market - most likely kids aged between five and twelve years old. If you are designing stickers for teenagers, they will need a very different look and feel than those intended for toddlers.

We've found that dinosaurs are always popular with younger children, and for older kids, we've noticed a growing interest in stickers featuring emojis and emoticons. There are all sorts of themes and characters which appeal to kids of different age groups - so it's worth having a look around the internet for inspiration.

2. Keep An Eye On Current Trends

If possible, do some research into what is currently trending with kids - it might be a new movie or cartoon character - or maybe even a catchy slogan or a new trend in fashion that's become popular. You can then design stickers around these trends to increase the likelihood of your stickers being a hit.

Stickers featuring comic book anti-heroes are popular, so it might be worth seeing if you can incorporate their iconic symbols or colors into your designs. (Without infringing on their copyright, of course). Don't forget about popular toys which are currently big with kids too - Lego is always a winner, and so is Minecraft.

As kids grow up, their interests change - so make sure your stickers appeal to the appropriate age group by keeping an eye on current trends and changes in taste.

Whatever the theme or topic, if you can incorporate current trends into your designs, do so.

3. Use Bright Colors and Bold Graphics

Kids love vivid, dynamic designs. They like bright colors and bold graphics that are eye-catching and fun.

If you design stickers with kids in mind, it should be obvious from a glance what they're about - just look at all of the most popular kid's TV shows that have crazy characters and brightly colored backgrounds.

4. Stick to Simple Concepts

When it comes to kids - the simpler your design is, the better. Keep your designs relatively simple, and don't try to cram too much onto one sticker. Stickers should be fun and exciting without being too cluttered or complicated. Remember, kids also love collecting stickers and trading them with each other - so you can always use more than one sticker design and create a series.

5. Consider Using Custom Shapes

Finally, if you want to add an extra level of interest and fun to your stickers, consider using custom shapes. Custom shapes are a great way to make your stickers appealing and collectible - and of course, they give you a lot more scope for creativity too.

Keep these tips in mind when designing your custom stickers for kids. To find out more about how we can help you design and print your stickers, feel free to reach out on our chat box!

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