Get Noticed: 5 Benefits of Window Graphics for Your Business


In times like these, getting noticed as a retailer is more important than ever. Are you maximizing your ability to stand out to those walking or driving by? If you’re not sure, then consider looking into window graphics. Also known as window decals or window stickers, they work well on both the interior and exterior of storefronts and can be an effective, low-cost, proven marketing method to attract customers, increase sales and drive foot traffic to sales or promos.

If you have publicly visible windows suitable for signage, window graphics can help you get the most out of this often-overlooked advertising medium. When designed well, they can attract new customers by making your business stand out from the competition which is essential if you are just starting up, or want to reach a wider audience in an established location.


In this blog post, we’ll discuss 5 benefits of both interior and exterior window graphics for your business.

The Benefits

Benefit #1 - Entice Passers-By

Exterior window graphics can be used to draw attention from potential customers as they drive by your business, and are a great way for you to promote specials or coupons that might entice people passing by to come inside. Even if people don’t enter immediately upon seeing them, they are more likely to remember your business name and make a return visit.

Getting more visibility from the street is especially beneficial during COVID times. In these times of retail challenge with fewer people around, especially in the city, window graphics can be a massive help in letting people driving by know you are open for business.

Benefit #2 - Increase Brand Awareness

Window graphics are an affordable form of marketing that can be used to help you get your brand out there without having a huge advertising budget.

Typically, window graphics can be seen from a distance and can help people find or remember your business as they go about their daily routines. Whether it’s brand new customers that might otherwise never visit, or existing customers walking or driving by, creative window graphics help your business stay at the front of their minds.

Benefit #3 - Flexibility. You Can Change with the Seasons

Window graphics are a versatile retail display solution that can help you keep your shop windows looking fresh and modern.

Unlike other forms of signage, they offer great flexibility, allowing you to move them around or change the design whenever it suits you. You can easily swap them when specific sales and promotions change, or you can update them according to the seasons; a great way to keep things fresh.

Benefit #4 - Spruce Up Your Space and Boost Sales

Interior window graphics are a fabulous way to spruce up any office or business space with creative messaging that’s sure to grab attention from visitors and potential customers alike. They can be used to promote upcoming events, new products and services, featured items on a restaurant or coffee shop menu, or just about anything else that you want your audience to see.

Adding this signage to your windows is an easy way to promote without making any major changes or renovations inside your business.

Benefit #5 - Generate Online Buzz

You may not have considered it before, but surprisingly, interesting and creative window graphics can generate social media buzz about your company, especially on sites like Instagram where users love sharing images online.

A fun way to get free exposure on Twitter, Facebook, and more; window graphics are often used by businesses in the food and beverage industry for this very reason. Many chains like Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts, and Subway have taken advantage of window decals to generate buzz about their brand on social media.


We hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little more about what window graphics can do for your business. They can be a fun and creative way to drive more foot traffic into your business space and improve brand recognition.

If you think this marketing approach could work for your business, please do get in touch about your order, we would love to help you.

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