The Insider's Guide to Beer Bottle Label Design: Custom Labels to Build Your Brand


Without a doubt, it’s the taste of your beer that will keep people drinking it, but when your beer is stacked amongst a myriad of other bottled brands, an eye-catching label design could be the deciding factor in persuading beer aficionados to choose your beer over the competition.

Custom bottle labels are a crucial component of the marketing for your beer. Labels can be used to express your brand's personality, convey important information about the beer, and of course, help sell more bottles!

Whether you’re launching a new drink or looking for ways to improve your current bottle aesthetic, exploring and applying some of the best label design elements will help to ensure your beer is the most tempting prospect on the shelf.

In this blog post, we’ll go over some key trends in beer bottle labels around the world and provide you with some tips on how to design a label that works best for your brand.


Key trends and what makes them appealing to customers:

Contemporary Beer Label Design- This trend is all about clean, easy-to-read labels that reflect the modern world we live in; these bottles often feature large blocks of clean colors, minimalistic labels, and labels without any text.

Vintage Beer Label Design - Evokes memories of a time when labels were hand-drawn, simple, and minimalistic in both color palette and font choice. These labels can look rustic or even worn down to convey the idea that these are beers from a bygone era. Labels often incorporate vintage graphics, expressive typography, and unique lettering styles reminiscent of generations past.

Craft Beer Label Design - A clean, simple label design that is not cluttered and has a minimalistic aesthetic appeals to craft beer enthusiasts who appreciate simplicity while still retaining an attractive appearance. These labels often use more subtle colors like black or copper, and often include geometric shapes. The design is usually simple but uses clever whimsy to express both the personality of each beer as well as their connection to the community.

Hipster Beer Label Design - This trend features label designs that are usually hand-drawn or painted and use a variety of textured papers.

Latin American Beer Label Design - Labels in this region tend to use bright colors and clever text-based graphics to evoke images of tropical vacations or latin flare.

Asian Beer Label Design - Labels in Asia often feature symbols from the country of origin as well as labels that evoke a sense of tradition.

Australian Beer Label Design - Labels from Australia typically have bright colors and labels that evoke a sense of high-spirited fun.

European Beer Label Design - Labels in Europe tend to be more about the beer style, conveying a sense of fun with labels that are quirky and sometimes whimsical; labels often feature quirky illustrations or hand-drawn typography.

Consider the following questions when developing a label design:

  • What is the personality of your brand?
  • How does it want to present itself in the marketplace?
  • What do you want your beer to stand for?
  • If your brand has an established identity, it's important that labels reflect this.
  • Make sure labels are not too busy and readable from afar. You don't want them to be competing with each other on the shelf.
  • Incorporate labels and stickers into your marketing plan to boost sales!

Your label should reflect the personality of your product and its design can help differentiate it from competitors.

Ask yourself what is currently on the market in regards to labels for this type of drink.

Explore designs you like, what they say about themselves, and how they differ from other brands so you can create an even more captivating label.

If you are a brewer or business owner interested in getting custom labels for your beer bottles, we hope this blog post has been helpful.

We’ve touched on some of the trends and design elements that are popular across the world and looked at how to make sure your label design stands out from the rest and can be used as a marketing tool rather than just a decoration.

Our team is available to answer any questions so feel free to get in touch if we can help you.

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