How To Grow Your Business and Boost Your Brand with Custom Stickers


You know you have an excellent product, but once it reaches your customer, how do you make them feel like they are experiencing your brand from the very moment they open their package? How can you ensure they not only remember your brand, but tell all their friends about the experience?

So often, business owners spend plenty of time and money doing everything they can to ensure their products sell, but then neglect to think about what happens after their product ships and lands in the hands of their customers.

If you sell a product online, you may have put a lot of time into designing your logo, building your website, leveraging your profile on social media, and more. Then, an order comes through. Voila - you have buyers! You’ve done the hard part and convinced someone that their life can be better, happier, healthier, or easier with your product. You’ve compelled them to spend their hard-earned money with your business.

BUT it needn’t stop there…the next steps are crucial to growing your business and boosting your brand.

Although you can’t control what happens after your customer receives your product, there are ways to ensure your brand stays in their mind, keeps them engaged, and leaves them wanting to buy more.

One of the best ways to do this? Custom stickers!

Stickers are an inexpensive and versatile marketing tool. They can be placed on packaging, used to remind them how to use the product, or given as a free gift for the customer.

In this blog post, we’ll look at three ways stickers can increase brand awareness and help you create a memorable experience when customers open your packaging.

1. As a welcome

Use stickers as part of the “unboxing” experience.

If you have a box with a gift set inside or a bottle that is protected by a small box, you can place a branded sticker sealing the box’s opening.

f your product is placed in a bag, you can add a sticker to the bag or use it as the “clasp” that seals the bag closed.

Stickers add a personal touch to the welcome experience and make your product feel more like a gift. They’re a low-cost way to add a luxury feel.

2. As a reminder

Include a sticker that reminds your customer how to use your product. If you have a product that has special dosing instructions, include a sticker that they can place somewhere to remind them.

The more your customer uses your product in the correct manner and gets positive results, they are more likely to repeat their purchase.

3. As an advert

Enclose a branded sticker or set of stickers as a gift with your product. Custom stickers are a great way for your customers to spread the word about your brand. If they’re well-designed, your customer may place your sticker in prominent places where others can see them; such as on a water bottle or to decorate a notebook, tablet, or laptop. We hope you’ve found this post informative and helpful in your quest to up-level your customer experience and get people talking about your brand.

If you want help choosing the right custom sticker for your project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! Our team is ready and waiting to partner with you on your project and is dedicated to making sure your stickers are the perfect complement to your product and will give your business an edge over competitors.

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