What is the difference between die cut and kiss cut stickers?


Stickers in their simplest form and shape — have been used for advertising since the 1800s. Over time, these cost-effective promotional

Tools have become more sophisticated. Now businesses, organizations, and individual entities can raise awareness about their brands more creatively by ordering and customizing die cut stickers and kiss cut stickers. But, what’s the difference between the two?

Though they may look similar, there’s one essential difference between these stickers. A die cut or a full cut sticker , as its name implies , has its paper backing cut to the shape of the printed sticker design. On the other hand, a kiss cut or a half-cut sticker isn't cut to the shape of the design; it has a typically square backing bigger than what's printed.

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When Are They Ideal To Use

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Die cut stickers are generally more popular and preferred because of their sleek presentation. Even before putting them up, they are already a stand-out and aesthetically pleasing.

As they are cut to the shape of the sticker, they also offer wide-ranging possibilities when it comes to designing and delivering the message of your brand. If you’re promoting a logo or a design with an appealing shape, you can punctuate it and easily grab people’s attention by availing a die cut sticker option.

Nonetheless, if you are aiming to provide more details or information on your stickers (for instance, your website or your contact information), kiss cut stickers are more ideal, thanks to extra space provided by the uncut paper backing.

These stickers are also suitable giveaway items during events and fairs targeting new customers and clients. Apart from the space for added details, they also remain intact during distribution. They are also more convenient to peel and apply on any desired surface.

What Are Their Similarities

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Though they have differences and their respective advantages, die cut stickers and kiss cut stickers also share some similarities.

They can both be finished with a UV lamination to help prolong their life. Available in glossy or matte finish, this UV laminate makes them more resistant to fading and enhances their outdoor durability.

They can also both be printed on full color, and be requested to come with rounded corners for easy peeling and application.

Whether you’re ordering a kiss cut or a die cut sticker, what’s important is to communicate your design and other preferences well with your trusted supplier.

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